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Commercial Real Estate Financing


Patriot Funding has a full range of commerical real estate financing solutions for you


We Help your business

Prepare For Future Growth

If you’re looking to purchase, renovate, or refinance your commercial real estate, you know that your choice of financing options makes a great deal of difference to the success of your investment. Patriot Funding will find you a Commercial Real Estate Loan that is designed to match your exact needs.

Financing Options for your Next Commerical Real Estate Acquisition

Conventional Loans

We’ll provide fixed interest rates with amortizing payments and no prepayment penalties.

Construction Financing

We make it possible for you to undertake construction projects, whether you are making your first business or expanding with a new location.

FHA and HUD Loans

These include programs set up by the federal government to encourage investment in federal housing programs. They can be beneficial for owners of healthcare practices and senior housing.

SBA 7a and 504 loans

We provide generous terms for small businesses buying facilities for their own operations.

CMBS Loans

Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities can give you additional interest saving if you don’t plan on pre-paying the loan.


Mezzanine and Equity Sponsorship

This provides financing that combines loan debt with sponsorship investment to provide for larger financing packages that loans alone can manage.

Alternative Loans

With so many different financing options traditional loans are not for everyone. The approval requirements, processing time, and repayment options are all customizable.