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Cannabis Funding

We will help you grow your business.


Cannabis Funding

Operating a cannabis-based business requires capital to purchase equipment, facilities, lease space, purchase real estate, and expand operations.  Until a determination on whether to remove cannabis from its current Schedule I classification, banks will not take a marijuana-related loan application.  Only a few non-bank lenders are willing to originate a loan for marijuana businesses.  Patriot Funding has access to those lenders.

Funding Cost Estimates

Inhouse Funding

$1,000 legal for doc prep

$1,000 BOV


Rates are 10 – 12% for Cannabis

1 – 3 IO

No prepayment penalty

Family Funding

$3,000 legal for doc prep

$2,500 for site visit and travel expenses (fund manager must visit each location)

$500 for BOV

3 – 4pts

Rates are 9 – 15% for Cannabis

4-year prepayment penalty

Requires personal guarantee

Terms are 15 – 20 years fixed rate fully amortized

CA Funding for under 50% LVT

$2,000 legal for doc prep

$1,000 for site visit and travel expenses

$1,000 for BOV


Rate is 9.89% for any term from 1 – 20 years

No prepayment penalty

No personal guarantees required

No Financials required

Funds can be used in most states for